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Real-World Mobile Location Data & Insights

Providing on-demand human activity, visitation and behavioural location data at your fingertips


What We Do



Data Feeds

We take compliant and anonymised GPS mobile location data in its pure form

How We Do It

Data Insight

We clean, process and aggregate the data using various Data Science techniques, adding contextualisation and enrichment 


Data Solutions

We deliver the unique data outputs through various mechanisms, from self-service reporting to data feeds for existing systems


 Pnacle seeks to provide easy access to location analytics and spatial data. The core focus is on using mobile location data to generate insight into human activity, movement and profiles to support business decision-making – whether on assets, events, high streets or entire cities.


Data Insight



How many people are in the location, by month, day and time?


Dynamic Data Reports

Interactive location reports providing data insight from activity and visitor data across numerous key metrics - available for any place or area

Data Solutions


Activity & Dynamic Demographics Data

Stand-alone spatial datasets providing data insight from activity and visitor data across numerous key metrics, at a consistent micro level hexagonal grid - available for using in your own applications and analysis



Dynamic api's providing data insight from activity and visitor data across numerous key metrics - available through a number of location level and aggregated views to feed into your own systems and applications

Retail & Restaurant

Provide unique, fact-based insight into human activity levels. Used for supporting decisions on site optimisation, catchment definition, ranging and competitive analysis

Real Estate

Understand the health and resilience of high streets, retail parks and visitor destinations. Uncover insights into property demand and investment opportunities


Help drive network rationalisation and optimisation strategies for branches and ATM's by understanding the changing demands on local vs central destinations 

Public Sector

Readily available data to provide a holistic view of citizen movements and demand over time, such as where people live, where people go and where they like to visit 


Data Use Cases



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